Primary Commission agrees to CNE assistance and use of fingerprint scanners for #22Oct

Primary Commission opens period of Challenges and Claims for voting abroad

Until next July 21, Venezuelans abroad who could not complete the registration process to vote, in person, in the October 22 primaries or who have address errors may file challenges, reported that the National Commission for Primaries, after start the period of Claims or Challenges

The National Primary Commission (CP) reported this Saturday, July 15, the start of the Complaints or Challenges period for Venezuelans abroad who tried to update their residence information through the agency’s web application. This consideration, contemplated in the electoral schedule, will last until July 21.

“During this period, people who claim that their address was improperly updated may file challenges, as well as those who started but did not successfully complete the update process and want to file a claim for their inclusion,” explains the CP in a press release.

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This registration is to vote in person on October 22, in one of the 81 cities designated as voting centers around the world.

«During these seven days, those who are not satisfied with the result of their interaction with the system may file a claim through the same web application that was available for updates: This digital tool was modified to receive during these days only entries referring to challenges and claims, which, after being received, will be evaluated by a human team,” details the CP in a press release.

The CP and the Support Commission for Voting Abroad detail that 311,324 citizens were able to carry out the update process successfully; 40,745 did not get validation of the identity of the citizen; and 122,024 people did not complete the entire process.

Primaries Commission and registration abroad

On July 9, the CP extended for 24 hours plus the registration of Venezuelan data abroad, the measure was taken due to failures due to the high traffic that was registered on Sunday, July 9, on the website.

“We are sorry that some have faced difficulties and we hope that this is not something that discourages their participation. We continue working so that everyone can exercise their right, overcoming difficulties thanks to the support and solidarity of those who have made this initiative possible,” the CP wrote in a statement on July 9.

Where are those who registered?

The Primaries Commission also detailed which are the countries where there were the highest number of valid registrations. The United States tops the list with 64,834. It is followed by Chile with 63,684; in third place was Colombia with 44,400.

While, in Europe, the country with the highest number of valid updates was Spain, with a total of 34,970 verified entries.

Number of valid registrations, by country, for voting abroad | Courtesy Commission of Primaries

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