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Priests use Cerocahui crime to attack the government: Masferrer

Carolina Gomez Mena

Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday, July 3, 2022, p. 3

After the murders of two Jesuit priests in Cerocahui, Chihuahua, there were opinions unfortunate of some Catholic ministers, pointed out to the day the expert on religious issues Elio Masferrer Kan.

They mount a bloody act, which is very unfortunate to hit the federal government, and they do not assign any responsibility to the government of the state of Chihuahuabecause José Noriel Portillo Gil, alias the crook, He was walking in the area and had arrest warrants.

He added that many sectors opposed to the administration, unscrupulous people, taking hostages of the dead in order to use them for their politicsand in this sense he regretted the sayings of some members of said creed.

He quoted the Jesuit priest Javier Ávila, who at the funeral ceremony of Joaquín Mora and Javier Campos in Tarahumara stated that hugs are no longer enough to cover the bullets. “If he were serious – indicates Masferrer – he should resign as a priest and join the National Guard, because what he is saying is that they go out and shoot. That is unacceptable in a religious. It is sad that religious ministers come out to demand bullets”, because the response to crime will be much older.

Besides, yesterday, during the priestly ordination ceremony of four Jesuits, Luis Gerardo Moro, provincial of the Society of Jesus, stated: If we have learned anything in these days, it is that the Mexican people need the Church, and that the Church united can make changes and transform our reality..

He also told them: “you witnessed it in Cerocahui, that our people need good and holy priests, they no longer want scrolls, they need examples and testimony… do not settle for being priests, go further, that they be recognized for love and service to others”, he indicated at the ceremony held in Puebla, which was headed by the archbishop of that religious demarcation, Víctor Sánchez Espinosa.

Masferrer explained that, as a doctor in anthropology and with experience in working with criminals of all kinds, wanting to kill all the members of organized crime with bullets or put them in jail, it is impossible. That will only cause more death and pain in the population, and furthermore, he stressed that the majority of criminals they are believersSo, something is wrong there.

It is also the work of the religious to try to straighten these peopleand highlighted what the Franciscans do in the diocese of Chilpancingo-Chilapa”.

considered that it should break the vicious circle; antisocial behaviors are the result of a long process of decomposition of a society, the challenge for all sectors is to recompose society in order to rehabilitate these people, and from there many sectors must intervene and the religious role is very important.

After President Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke of hypocrisy On the part of the Catholic priests, the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate did not issue any official statement in this regard.

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