Priest Felipe Berríos denounces himself to the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate acts of sexual connotation: “The facts that are imputed to me are not true”

The priest Felipe Berríos reported himself to the South Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, to investigate a complaint against him for alleged acts of sexual connotation.

“I submitted a letter to the Public Ministry requesting that an investigation be initiated into the facts described in the complaint, as well as regarding what was published in some media outlets, which indicate that there would be other complaints, which to date I do not know and I do not I have been informed,” he said.

The foregoing is due to the fact that the accusation against him was presented only before the Church, so until now it is a canonical investigation that follows the case. Berríos indicated that “it doesn’t seem to me that we priests should have a special justice system.”

It should be noted that the priest was suspended by the Society of Jesus of Chile on May 3, after the entity received a complaint against him for “acts of sexual connotation”, a fact that would have affected a woman who at that time he was underage.

“I have decided to start this procedure despite the exposure that a criminal investigation process like this implies. The facts that are imputed to me in the only complaint that I know of are not true and I aspire to make the truth publicly known,” he emphasized.

“I owe a few words to many and many people who have supported me, but especially to the people of my dear Chimba, who do not know why one day I had to leave and still do not return,” he concluded.

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