Prices rise due to war between Russia and Ukraine

Prices rise due to war between Russia and Ukraine

Although imports have increased by 37% during the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, some products have been delayed in reaching the country due to international conflicts that limit the shipment of shipments.

Consumers face new increases in the prices of articles, medicines, and other supplies due to the war between Russia and Ukrainein addition to the closure of ports in China in response to the spread of the variant omicron in that country.

Francisco Reyesa consumer, said that since last December he has been waiting for the arrival of four tires and a paint for the home that he requested at a commercial establishment in the country.

José Antonio Álvarez, president of the National Association of Importers (ANI), assured that there will be no shortage. However, some of the products that have experienced increases due to insufficiency in other countries from which they are imported are: mineral oil and its derivatives, wheat, potatoes, pasta, steel and other goods that are used as raw materials.

“The United States is having an internal problem with distribution logistics because there is a generation of truck drivers who are retiring and so far there is no replacement,” Álvarez said.

He explained that another cause that affects the arrival of shipments is the lack of ships, because in 2020 some ships were withdrawn and have not been replaced due to the complexity of their construction.

In the case of medicines, especially those from China, the Government will face the delay with tenders to supply the People’s Pharmacies during the period November 2022 – October 2023.

In this sense, the Program for Essential Medicines and Central Logistics Support (Promese/Cal) indicated that in order for the population to receive medicines and supplies in a timely manner, “next week we will launch an emergency procedure that will guarantee the supply of medicines between July and October of this year.

The institution reported that, so far, they have been receiving the products without major inconveniences. However, as a preventive measure, “we inform you that we have received letters from suppliers requesting the extension of delivery dates, as a result of the closure of ports in China due to the latest wave of omicron in that country.”

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