Prices of menus in cevicherías have risen by 15%, according to Armap

Prices of menus in cevicherías have risen by 15%, according to Armap

Javier Vargas, president of the (Armap), pointed out that the prices of the menus in the have risen by 15% due to the economic situation.

“In 2019, an average cevichería charged S/ 32 for a plate of mixed ceviche, but today we have increased the price by almost 15%, to S/ 38, to try to cover costs. However, staple foods have risen 60% or 70%, that is affecting our profit margins”manifests.

In addition, the union reported that more than 10,000 cevicherías would be at risk of closing and 100,000 jobs would be lost. “That is the impact that the economic crisis would generate in the sector.”

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Added to this is the problem of seasonality, since the vast majority of restaurants or cevicherías that are on the coast of the country close during the winter, since it is not profitable to operate during this season.

“Within this framework, we are trying to generate promotional activities for our flagship dish at this time when prices are falling. This year discounts are being organized in businesses to promote consumption and generate income for businesses,” Javier Vargas maintains.


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