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PRI sees AN blackmailing at dawn to elect a candidate in Edomex

Enrique Mendez and Roberto Garduno

Newspaper La Jornada
Tuesday, August 9, 2022, p. 5

With no signs of negotiation between the PRI and the PAN in the state of Mexico, pressure and blackmail begin to surface. The most recent is the self-promotion of PAN member Enrique Vargas to become the standard-bearer of that party, subject to the hand of Marko Cortés, whose attitude is interpreted in the ranks of the PRI of Edomex as a normal blackmail, which basically means obtaining space in government and in Congress.

For the PRI, the activism of Enrique Vargas and his godfather Marko Cortes could only cloud the probable negotiation of an alliance between both parties because a character like Vargas has no place in the horizon of the powerful PRI of the state of Mexico, since has many negatives, little and questionable career, and a medium experience. The electoral presence of the PAN in Edomex adds up to 8 percent of the preferences, a percentage that would allow the PRI to compete with Morena, and that is precisely why it is considered that the PAN anticipated the alliance’s negotiation process to obtain the better dividends in a win scenario.

Enrique Vargas, with a past under the magnifying glass

Even once an unknown association of former mayors uncovered Vargas, and Marko Cortés immediately placed him as his biggest card in the state of Mexico, without having consulted his state advisers, the recent past of the former has begun to be remembered. municipal president of Huixquilucan. In the last year he was investigated for probable illicit enrichment, with millionaire possessions as a result of dispossession and years ago accused of family violence scandals and assaults on police officers.

Given the silence of the PRI leadership in the face of Marko Cortés’ declarationism and the unusual positioning of Enrique Vargas in certain media outlets and communicators, the PRI coordinator in San Lazaro, Rubén Moreira, maintains that the PAN has the right to have the candidates you want, it is not alarming that the leader of the PAN has a candidatebut the most important thing is the alliance, with which we have a chance to win.

Also, without modifying the content of his narrative in order to negotiate and make the most of the agreements he establishes with the PRI, Marko Cortés continued declaring that the PAN has what it takes to compete and win in states like Coahuila and Edomex, where PAN members have always result defeated, precisely by their now allies the PRI.

The PAN member from Michoacán, who knows that he has not negotiated anything with the PRI for the electoral processes in Coahuila and Edomex, maintained the harsh discourse towards his own partner, the PRI: Based on the rules that the coalition parties agree on, it will be that we define whether we are going to go together or not in one state or in both towards the 2023 electoral process, making it clear that National Action brings good proposals that have always shown the ability to govern and of win; and it is the case of Coahuila and the state of Mexico, where we have a way to go to compete and bet on ourselves.

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