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PRF says it does not agree with the approach made by police in Sergipe

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) published a video on social media yesterday (29) in which it states that it does not agree with the approach made by the agents involved in the death of Genivaldo de Jesus Santos, which took place on BR-101, in Sergipe. PRF says it does not agree with the approach made by police in Sergipe

According to the state’s Legal Medical Institute (IML), the victim died of acute failure secondary to asphyxia.

According to the general coordinator of institutional communication, Marco Territo, the approach made by the police is not in accordance with the internal guidelines of the corporation.

“We watched with indignation the events that took place in the city of Umbaúba (SE), in which an action involving federal highway police resulted in the death of Mr. Genivaldo de Jesus Santos. We do not agree with the measures adopted during the approach to Mr. Genivaldo. The procedures seen during the action are not in accordance with the guidelines expressed in courses and manuals of our institution. The occurrence of this last Wednesday and the recent death of two PRFs in the state of Ceará implied an internal evaluation of the standards of approaches. I affirm that we are already studying our training, improvement and operational procedures to adjust whatever is necessary in order to provide a service of excellence that the agency has been providing to the Brazilian people”, he declared.

Territo also pointed out that the PRF opened disciplinary proceedings against the police officers involved in the case and removed them from activities.

“The isolated conduct does not reflect the behavior of the more than 12,000 federal highway police officers, men and women of honor, who annually approach more than 10 million people who circulate on federal highways,” he said.

Images posted on the internet show the victim trapped inside a smoky vehicle. The man struggles with his legs out as a highway patrolman keeps the trunk lid down, preventing the man from getting out. Genilvado was reportedly stopped by agents for riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

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