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PRF releases 419 lanes in the country, with 438 fines

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PRF releases 419 lanes in the country, with 438 fines

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) released 419 roadblocks in the country and applied 438 assessments, until early Tuesday night (1), according to information published on the agency’s Twitter. Even so, according to the PRF, at the time, there were interdictions or blocks in 20 states.

Santa Catarina had the highest number of occurrences, with 39 blocks, followed by 23 interdictions in Pará and the same number in Mato Grosso, 10 interdictions and 13 blocks in Paraná, 12 interdictions and 8 blocks in Minas Gerais, 16 interdictions in Rondônia, 5 interdictions and 5 bans in Rio Grande do Sul, 8 bans in Mato Grosso do Sul, 8 bans in Espírito Santo, 6 bans in Pernambuco, 5 bans in São Paulo, 3 bans and 1 lock in Rio de Janeiro.

In Rio de Janeiro, three points remained partially closed until 20:00, according to the PRF, on BR 116, at the height of São João de Meriti, in Baixada Fluminense, on the same highway, at the height of the municipality of Itatiaia, already close to the state of São Paulo, and on BR 465, in Seropédica, metropolitan region of Rio.

Throughout the day, the PRF used dialogue and sometimes force to clear the highways. In videos released by the agency on social media, riot police from the corporation disperse protesters with the use of gas and morale bombs. In other videos released on the networks, there are times when police officers appear talking to the protesters, seeking collaboration to get off the road, which did not always work, despite the determinations of the Justiceof fines being imposed or even the forcible removal of vehicles and protesters, who do not accept the result of the elections that made Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva president of the Republic.

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