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PRF detains man transporting more than R$ 2.5 million of uncertain origin

Federal Highway Police (PRF) agents arrested a man who was carrying R$2.5 million in cash aboard a passenger car. According to a spokesperson for the agency responsible for ostensible patrolling on federal highways, the driver, whose name was not disclosed, could not inform the origin of the amount and was detained on suspicion of money laundering.PRF detains man transporting more than R$ 2.5 million of uncertain origin

Road police officers approached the vehicle, a Toyota/Corolla with Federal District license plate, near Ulianópolis (PA), during a routine inspection action on BR-010, also known as the Belém-Brasília Highway. Although the occurrence was registered yesterday (11), the details were released today (12).

Also according to the PRF, all the money seized was stored in four cardboard boxes inside the vehicle. Asked about the origin of the money, the driver replied that it would come from car rentals. Despite this, agents claim that the man was unable to clarify what he works with and the reason for traveling with so much cash.

“The first judicial police measures were adopted in the initial treatment of the occurrence, with a view to clarifying the criminal hypothesis, such as hearing [coleta de depoimento]seizure of telephone devices and seizure of approximately R$ 2,508,500.00”, informed the PRF to journalists.

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