“Pretend you were my mom”: The incredible way in which a 10-year-old boy avoided being kidnapped

The ingenuity of a 10-year-old boy saved him from being kidnapped on his way home to the United States.

Sammy Green, from Pennsylvania, was coming home from school when he began to be followed by a woman who offered to buy him food, in addition to making him feel uncomfortable.

According to what Sammy told CBS, “she said, ‘I’m going to Wawa, are you going there? What do you get from Wawa? Where is your family?'”.

After that, the boy did not think twice and went to his favorite store, Dani Bee Funky, which is located very close to his home.

Once inside, Green told 17-year-old cashier Hannah Daniels to act like she was his mother.

“He was like, ‘act like you’re my mom,’” the young woman recounted. “And I was like, ‘okay, go to the back’ (…) He didn’t want to leave my side,” she added.

After that, he went to the door of the business and closed it, while the woman who was chasing the child left.

According to Sammy, his father taught him not to trust strangers.

“Think through each scenario and make sure the children know it and also practice it (…) Practice your situations and scenarios as if they were fire drills,” said his father.

Meanwhile, the local police reported that they managed to find the whereabouts of the woman and that she is now receiving help to treat her mental health.

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