Presidium of the XIII Congress of Universities begins the election of the new CEUB

Presidium of the XIII Congress of Universities begins the election of the new CEUB

Two plates of nine candidates each were presented to the election of the new Executive Committee of the Bolivian University (CEUB). The plates are headed by Freddy Mendoza Espinoza and Rogelio Espinoza Tejerina, respectively.

After an intense debate the delegations of the 11 universities of the public system of the houses of higher education agreed on the nominal vote, which means that each voter can publicly justify their vote.

Amid shouts from the students, mainly, they discussed what the voting method would be like, after three hours of debate the nominal vote was imposed by 97 votes against 67 who requested a secret ballot to elect the new authorities of the CEUB.

This choice will lead to the designation of the nine portfolios that the CEUB has, instance that is the link between the State and the university system. The 50-year-old former student leader, Max Mendoza, had been appointed as part of this entity whose main requirement is to be an academic graduate.

In Potosí, the XIII Congress of Universities was resumed, which had begun in 2019 and was suspended without date.

Now, after the irregularities incurred by the detained former university leader were discovered, it was decided to resume this congress that should culminate this Friday with the appointment of new university authorities, the CEUB; teachers, grouped around the University Confederation of Teachers (CUD); and the Bolivian University Confederation (CUB) that directs the student body.

Until the closing of this office, the elections continued with the consequent justification of the voters, the majority declared themselves for one of the two fronts and very few voted blank or null.

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