Presidential delegate in the RM announces video investigation of carabinero pushing cyclist during demonstration

The presidential delegate of the Metropolitan Region, Constanza Martínez, referred to the video circulating on social networks in which a cyclist is seen being pushed by a Carabineros official within the framework of the demonstrations in Plaza Baquedano.

It is worth mentioning that the Carabineros released the images from the uniformed officer’s camera, ruling out that the cyclist had fallen into the Mapocho riverbed.

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“Events of these characteristics require that the authority not simply say whether or not something happened, but rather that we establish the responsibilities that fall to us as civil authorities,” said delegate Martínez in conversation with meganews.

And he added that “what we want to do is a deep investigation, I know it is a serious image and, therefore, we have to take responsibility so that the established protocols have been complied with.”

During this Friday, May 20, in the context of new mobilizations in Plaza Baquedano, two audiovisual records went viral showing two police officers pushing a cyclist who was close to falling into the Mapocho River. These videos show a group of officials from the Public Order Control Prefecture (COP) together with a cyclist, while the troops tried to dissuade the protest and clear the roads.

After a few seconds, it can be seen how one of the policemen leads this person to the vicinity of the river and then pushes him towards the railing. After the event, the subject managed to assert himself, so he did not fall into the river and suffered minor injuries.

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