Presidential delegate in the RM and operations in the Meiggs neighborhood: “This is not going to be a one-day intervention”

The presidential delegate of the Metropolitan Region, Constanza Martínez, referred to the operation carried out by police and municipal personnel to remove the blue awnings used by street vendors in the Meiggs neighborhood of Santiago.

“As a government we have been very concerned and busy for several weeks to be able to recover those public spaces that are taken over by real mafias and organized crime, in the so-called street trade. That is why, yesterday, an operation began that has been in different phases, for several weeks with Carabineros de Chile, with the Municipality of Santiago and Central Station,” said the regional authority.

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The delegate Martínez stressed that, with this type of operation, the Government seeks to “give the signal that, effectively, this is not going to be a one-day intervention, but rather that we want them to be solutions that are sustainable over time and that allow us to recover public spaces for everyone”.

“We want the presence of the State to be felt again. That we become a community again. Collaborative and silent work bears its first fruits in the fight against illegal trade, but there is still a long way to go in regional terms. We are going to continue with it,” the government official asserted on her Twitter account.

It is worth mentioning that personnel from the Municipality of Santiago and Carabineros officials evicted awnings of street vendors – who operated illegally – in Barrio Meiggs early this Friday.

The operation began after 00:20 hours and was carried out at the intersection of San Alfonso and Salvador Sanfuentes streets.

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