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President takes stock of the government and says he does not support clashes

President takes stock of the government and says he does not support clashes

On the eve of leaving the Presidency, Jair Bolsonaro took stock of his four years in government, in an internet broadcast, and stated that he does not encourage confrontations by his supporters in the face of the inauguration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, on the 1st.

For Bolsonaro, the result of his four-year term in office was “quite positive”, even with challenges such as the covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. He cited several measures adopted by the government, such as the renegotiation of Student Financing debts (Fies), emergency aid, the railroad milestone, internet in schools, tax reduction, readjustment of the education floor and carrying weapons for residents of rural areas. . In the president’s assessment, carrying weapons reduces violence.

In a message directed at demonstrators in barracks, who question the outcome of the elections, Bolsonaro said that one cannot think that “the world will end on the 1st”. “I believe in your patriotism, in your intelligence. I know what you’ve been through over these two months, in the sun, in the rain. It won’t get lost. Images went out of Brazil”, he said, adding that, in the country, there was an awakening of the population to understand more about politics and the concern with responsible voting.

He criticized the action of a businessman, who, on the last 24th, placed a bomb in a tank truck at Brasília airport. The businessman confessed that he intended to commit an attack in the federal capital to draw the attention of the movement of supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro and thus wanted to prevent the inauguration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

“It is not because an element that passed through there [acampamento de manifestantes nos quartéis] he made a mistake that everyone has to be accused of this”, he said. Bolsonaro stated that he does not “consist” with the businessman’s conduct.

Bolsonaro also stated that he has always fought for “democracy, freedom, respect for the laws and the Constitution”. “The oxygen of democracy is freedom.” For the president, there was no freedom to discuss issues related to combating the pandemic and the polls.


Bolsonaro also argued that the electoral campaign was “impartial”, with “absurd accusations” in the electoral propaganda against him, less space for radio broadcasts and with court decisions favorable to Lula. He also cited the condemnation of the Liberal Party (PL) to pay a fine of almost BRL 23 million for litigation in bad faith. Bolsonaro’s caption asked the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to annul part of the votes in the second round.

For the president, the decisions taken by Justice stimulated reactions from his supporters. “For any measure of force, there is always a reaction. You always have to seek dialogue to resolve things, you can’t punch the table and this subject is no longer discussed. All this brought a mass of people to the streets, protesting,” he said.

According to Bolsonaro, the protesters went to the barracks in search of “security”. “I didn’t participate in that movement, I withdrew,” he said. For the president, if he participated in this movement, he could “disturb the situation even more”. “What happened was a demonstration by the people, there was no leadership, there was no one coordinating. The protest was peaceful, orderly, following the law,” he added.

“The inauguration is scheduled for January 1st. I looked within the four lines, within the laws, respecting the Constitution, a way out of this. If there was an alternative, if we could question something or not, everything within the four lines, “he said, adding that” nobody wants an adventure “. “Often, within the four lines, you have to have support. Certainly, we have to have the support of Parliament, of some ministers of the Supreme [Tribunal Federal]from other bodies, from other institutions,” he said.

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