President receives balance of plan to welcome female judges from Afghanistan

President receives balance of plan to welcome female judges from Afghanistan

President Jair Bolsonaro met on this Mondayon Friday (2), at Palácio do Planalto, with the president of the Association of Brazilian Magistrates (AMB), Renata Gil. After the meeting, she spoke to the press about the visit. AMB has been leading, since last year, a humanitarian campaign for Brazil to welcome afghan judgeswhich came under threat after the takeover of the country by the Taliban Islamist group, whose political regime involves a series of restrictions on the work and education of women. President receives balance of plan to welcome female judges from Afghanistan

“Actually, I came to thank you, because it was through an initiative of the president that we put together, with the Civil House, the plan with the issuance of provisional visas. And this model that Brazil adopted was the winning model, so much so that in In no other country have we had such a successful reception”, stated Renata Gil.

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In October 2021, ten Afghan magistrates and their families, most of them women, arrived in Brazil after receiving humanitarian visa of the Brazilian government. The action was coordinated by AMB, in partnership with the Association of Federal Judges of Brazil (Ajufe), after information that at least 270 judges were in a vulnerable situation in the Middle East country, amid the rise of the Taliban.

The granting of temporary visas and residence permits was regulated by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Justice and Public Security. According to Renata Gil, a Monday part of the reception plan for Afghan judges was handed over to the President of the Republic.

“I came to deliver the final part of the plan, which is all designed. This plan was delivered to the federal government, it was also delivered to the authorities in the countries that we have visited”, he informed.

In addition to dealing with humanitarian reception, the AMB advisory reported that Renata Gil and Jair Bolsonaro also talked about the Red Signal Against Violence campaign. Sunestica, which encourages women victims of threats and aggressions to ask for help through a red X on the palm of their hand. The campaign is also an initiative of the magistrates’ association.

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