President or president?  This is how we should call Dina Boluarte, according to the RAE

President or president? This is how we should call Dina Boluarte, according to the RAE

The Vice President of the Republic, this afternoon became the first female president to govern our country.

This position for Dina Boluarte occurs in the midst of a great national political crisis and it is that in the morning Pedro Castillo dissolved the Congress of the Republic in an unconstitutional manner, while Congress was debating the presidential vacancy for the Chotano.

The vacancy of Pedro Castillo was approved by more than 100 votes of the congressmen in favor of the departure of the now ex-president.

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Given this scenario, Dina Boluarte will become the top head of Peruvian politics when she assumes the position left by Pedro Castillo.


But, What is the title with which Dina Boluarte should be called, president or president?

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE), they resolved this question a few years ago and pointed out the following: “although presidente can be used as common in terms of gender (el/la presidente), it is preferable today to use the feminine presidenta, documented in Spanish since the 15th century and registered in the academic dictionary since 1803″.

That is to say, from this statement of the RAE, Dina Boluarte should be called as the president of the Nation, as suggested by the maximum among the Spanish language.


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