President of UTE: “There is no affectation of services due to supply problems, not even in deprived neighborhoods”

At a press conference, the president of UTE, Silvia Emaldi, was asked about the company’s lack of supplies such as transformers and medium voltage cables, as reported in the press. Given this, he explained that “at the end of last year the suppliers of UTE, as in many companies, began to have problems, we are talking about those who deliver cables, transformers, since as we know the companies are having problems in the stock of components , this does not only happen to UTE”, he explained.

The Director of the UTE for the FA, Fernanda Cardona, denounced on Monday missing medium voltage cables and transformers. Cardona stated that the information comes after a report that she requested in January. She noted that the absence affects the most vulnerable sectors.

“This situation continued, pandemic involved and even more so in this international context of crisis as a result of the war between Russia and Ukraine. “That is why we take new measures, alternative routes, urgent purchases, to minimize the impact of this situation. That is why I say there will be no impact on services, ”he sentenced. When questioned about whether there was or is an impact on the company’s services due to this, she was very emphatic “I can assure you that this has not affected the UTE service, it will not affect it in general, but it will not happen in the deprived neighborhoods as has been said”. In those neighborhoods we have been developing the Social Inclusion Plan, and we will be arriving by 2022, some 11,000 regularized connections, in previous years there were 7,000”.

At a press conference, Emaldi commented that this “this situation about which you are consulting me about service failures in the summer, was due to a wave of fires, and storms in the first month of the year and a squall, and that was not due to lack of supply or investment. UTE has developed an investment plan of 230 million dollars, 30 million more than what OPP had authorized, it was also due to the level of exports”. “For this year we foresee an investment of 206 million dollars. Also the cuts occur due to theft of cables, there are about 27 per day, while UJTE replenishes, the neighbors are affected”.

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