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Dina Boluarte, president of Peru, also announces the reshuffling of her Cabinet. At a press conference, she demands that legislators reflect and “act towards the country”, without looking for “excuses”, or hiding behind an abstention.

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At a press conference, together with her ministers, the President Dina Boluarte ruled out resigning from office and demanded that Congress approve the advancement of general elections, this after Parliament did not reach the votes for said constitutional reform on Friday. He also announced the recomposition of his Ministerial Cabinet, although he did not want to answer if it will include the departure of his prime minister, Pedro Angulo.

Boluarte’s presentation to journalists takes place in the middle of the political crisis and the more than twenty deaths during violent protests and roadblocks.

Discard your resignation

There is a group that says that ‘Dinah quit’, but what is resolved? The problem is not solved. We are going to stand firm here until Congress approves the early elections. We have to stand firm to say no to violence, ”he exclaimed after pointing out that Peru is not for“ political revenge ”.

Demands Congress to approve early elections

boluarte questioned Congress for blocking the advance of elections and demanded that legislators “reflect” to “act towards the country”, without looking for “pretexts”, nor hiding behind an abstention. “Half measures do not solve problems, it is in your hands,” she declared.

“Don’t be blind, look at the population and act,” he emphasized.

Announces Cabinet reshuffle

“I want to announce that the The Cabinet that we formed in those moments of political crisis has been a Cabinet that responded to that political crisis. We are going to rebuild the Cabinet to give our Peruvian population greater peace of mind with professionals,” the president remarked, in a conference at the Government Palace.

Faced with a direct question from the press, Boluarte did not want to answer his change of ministers will include the head of the Cabinet, Pedro Angulo: “Cabinet recomposition announcement to put knowledgeable ministers in each sector. It will be done in a few more days, ”he asserted.

On Friday, the Ministers of Education and Culture, Patricia Correa and Jair Pérez, resigned due to the deaths produced in the violent protests registered in recent days in different regions of the country.

Pronounces on constituent assembly

“They that all this time of government elected on June 6 has seen these motivations of the assembly assembly, they know that this is not the time, they themselves are convinced that this constituent assembly, which the people demand, is not possible”.

The Ombudsman reported last night that until then “17 deaths have been registered in the context of clashes with law enforcement, and another 5 people due to traffic accidents and events related to roadblocks.”

On Friday night, Boluarte met with the members of the Council of State, made up of the heads of the three branches of government and other autonomous bodies in the country, which has been in session since Friday afternoon at the Government Palace, in the midst of the political and social crisis unleashed after the coup perpetrated by Pedro Castillo and the assumption of command of Boluarte.

Almost in parallel with the call for the press conference, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers launched a tweet about the meeting of the head of said portfolio, Pedro Angulo, with the other members of the Cabinet.

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