President of the UDI, Javier Macaya, accuses that he was attacked by Team Patriota and Pancho Malo: announces legal actions

The senator and president of the UDI, Javier Macayadenounced on Saturday night that he was attacked by Team Patriota, a group led by Francisco Munoz -better known as bad hot dog, ex-leader of the White Claw-. The legislator announced legal action.

“We were attacked in the UDI by Francisco Muñoz and the mob that always accompanies him. Today they exceeded the limit: we will not wait for those who support him with resources to renounce violence, to impose their positions. We will file legal actions,” Macaya said in his account. Twitter.

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According to videos broadcast on social networks, members of Team Patriota rebuked Macaya on Saturday afternoon, while he was driving into the UDI headquarters, located in Providencia. The subjects shouted slogans against the constituent agreement, agreed on Monday between the parties and which contains the signature of the UDI helmsman.

According to T13Macaya was accompanied by his 16 and 6 year old children.

  • Team Patriota rebukes Javier Macaya.

On the fact, the senator Ivan Moreira (UDI) expressed on Twitter that “theThe time has come for legal actions to be initiated against the well-known and convicted murderer ‘Pancho Malo’ (…) This Mr. Muñoz acts with total impunity and attacks, threatens, insults permanently inciting hatred. Who finances it?”

Let’s remember that Team Patriota and Pancho Malo had already rebuked Javier Macaya. This occurred on September 25, when more than 10 people surrounded Macaya’s car, who was heading to Channel 13 to participate in the program center table. Subjects yelled “UDI traitor”.

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