President of the TSE takes stock of voting morning

President of the TSE takes stock of voting morning

The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Alexandre de Moraes, recently gave a press conference to take stock of the first hours of the second round of voting across the country. President of the TSE takes stock of voting morning

Moraes stated that there was a decrease in the queues of voters in relation to the first round and a small number of electronic voting machines were replaced.

The minister informed that queues were registered at polling stations in Lisbon and Paris. According to Moraes, due to the large number of voters in these locations, more polling stations should be created in Portugal and France in the next elections.

PRF operations

Regarding police operations that were being carried out by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) on the roads, Moraes said that there were no damages to voters.

The president reported that he met with the director general of the PRF, Silvinei Vasques, and was informed by him that the operations carried out by the corporation involve the inspection of non-compliance with the rules of the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB), such as bald tires and burned out headlights, and there was no breach of its decision.

Yesterday (29), Moraes prohibited the PRF from carrying out operations that could affect the public transport of voters, whether paid or free, under penalty of criminal liability of the director general of the corporation in case of non-compliance.

Moraes stated that buses that were stopped by agents did not return to their destination and that voters were able to vote.

“The damage it caused to voters was the delay during the inspection. No buses returned to the origin. Everyone went to the polling station and voted”, he guaranteed.


Regarding the fight against the dissemination of disinformation through social networks during the election, Moraes said that seven sites were demonetized, 701 URLs were removed, 15 profiles of large “spreaders of disinformation” were suspended and five groups on Telegram were taken down, one of them with 580 thousand participants.

“In this final stretch, we continue to check and survey networks to reduce the flood of fraudulent news, he concluded.

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