President of the Tacna Artisans Society: "Subduing with violence and fear is terrorism"

President of the Tacna Artisans Society: “Subduing with violence and fear is terrorism”

The president of the Benemérita Sociedad de Artesanos y Auxilios Mutuos El Porvenir Carlos Romero Bartesaghi warned that the population will end up paying the consequences of the strike that is taking place because of a few unions in the region.

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“We are going to pay the bill, what is a market merchant going to do when he supplies himself and who has perishable fruit that is rotting, who is going to compensate him? who is going to compensate the traders who lose money every day? Who pays for the losses in Tacna with the suspension of trips to Chile and from Chile to here?he questioned.

Businesses closed due to fear

He called for serenity and to think that people’s lives have much more value. “We cannot accept that 10,000 atrabiliarios have subjected a population like Tacna of 350,000 inhabitants, why? because of terror, I am not sentencing anyone, the use of violence against the population is terrorism, because whoever has to hide at home out of fear or fear is being pressured by terror”he stressed.

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He criticized the government headed by President Dina Boluarte and the Congress that have sidelined and crime is acting freely in protests when the people need to work.

discredited congress

“Congress is digging its own grave, they are in another, they are looking to form a commission, however with that they are violating the law, the Constitution establishes that no authority of any kind can address a problem that is being processed in Power Judiciary or the Public Ministry, the Public Ministry has already opened a prosecutor’s file against the president and Congress wants to form a commission, that is illegal “he deplored.

“Everyone has the right to protest but the protest has to be peaceful, according to the law…”noted the president of the paratiotic society.

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