Presidente del Senado: «Don Pepín ha sembrado un valioso legado»

President of the Senate: “Don Pepín has sown a valuable legacy”

The President of the Senate of the Republic, Edward Starsaid this Wednesday that the businessman Jose Luis Corripio Estrada (Don Pepin)has planted a valuable legacy in the country and abroad.

“Don Pepín has sown a valuable legacy and that is why he continues to garner the appreciation and respect of Dominican society,” said the legislator for Santiago during the Recognition of Don Pepín for his contributions in favor of the development of culture, freedom of expression and respect for human rights.

He added that Corripio Estrada represents a life of work, effort, discipline, profound simplicity and prodigious memory. “He is a man of great sense of smell and pragmatism.”

“With his example of life, he has inspired new generations, showing that effort, knowledge, work and dedication are the only way to achieve success,” said Eduardo Estrella.

Senate recognizes Pepín Corripio’s contributions to freedom of expression

He stressed that the bet Don Pepin for future generations, led him to create the Young Corner of the Hoy newspaper«where new talents have found an opportunity to acquire knowledge, participate, discuss issues, forge their own idea of ​​what is happening and contribute their points of view».

«This support for communication and respect for freedom of thought is not only limited to those who work in the Corripio groupalso for those who are invited to participate in the different forums, where the freedom to say what they think is exercised without fear that an opinion or expression will be censored”, he added.

He finished saying. » Don Pepín, although we know that you do not rest, since every day continues betting and contributing to the progress of the Dominican RepublicFeel the satisfaction of having fulfilled your duty, which is manifested every day in the recognition of this society, which values ​​you as a good, humble, hard-working man who loves this homeland of Duarte, Sánchez and Mella with all his heart.

The activity was headed by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader Coronaand took place in the assembly hall, of the National Congress.

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