President of the SAC asks that roads not be blocked before a new day of protests

President of the SAC asks that roads not be blocked before a new day of protests

The president of the Society of Farmers of Colombia (SAC), Jorge Bedoya, called on the protesters not to block the roads in the middle of the new day of protests scheduled this April 28 in various regions of the country.

In dialogue with RCN Worldthe official explained that, “Food security must be part of national security. Protest in a peaceful manner, but do not violate the rights of Colombians, especially the right to food.”

It should be mentioned, that the protests of last year added to the confinements and restrictions due to the pandemic of the covid-19, generating an inflation of 5%, that is to say that “the food of the Colombians became more expensive”, according to the manager.

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In that sense, Bedoya recalled the more than 3,000 blockades that were registered last year due to strong protests in various parts of the country and which affected the food supply in various regions.

Currently, this rise in food prices continues to plague thousands of Colombians, especially the most vulnerable. A bucket of eggs today costs more than 15 thousand pesos, when two years ago it could be bought for only 8,000 pesos..

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