President of the PS and Bachelet’s upcoming arrival in Chile: she affirms that she will ask the former president to “assume some role” in the campaign ahead of the plebiscite

The president of the Socialist Party (PS), Paulina Vodanovićreferred to the return of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, who announced that he will reapply us for the position of the United Nations. The PS helmsman stated that she will propose to Bachelet that he can play some role in the campaign ahead of the plebiscite to exit the new Constitution, which will be held on September 4.

The former undersecretary for the Armed Forces during Bachelet’s second government said in conversation with Radio Universe that “she (Bachelet) is a socialist militant. For us she is a source of pride, both her long career in Chile and the one she has carried out abroad.”

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“We are very happy that he is back and we hope that he can assume some role at least in the final phase of the campaign (of the Approval). As president of the party, I am going to ask him about it, ”said Vodanovic.

“More than asking her for specific facts, I think we have to respect her decision to return for personal reasons, which she has made it clear, that she returns to be with her family, because the country needs her, because she is very aware of the challenges that come. for the country, not only vote and approve a new Constitution, but everything that will come later, the legal changes, implement it,” he added.

“Beyond his physical presence, his commitment and his role are. And if she obviously can be in Chile before and she can assume a more decisive role, it will be her decision, and we will try not to convince her, because she does not correspond, “she added.

Along these lines, the former president of the Fundación Horizonte Ciudadano -founded by Bachelet in 2018- pointed out that “(we are) going to ask her if she is fit. I am certain that due to the responsibility that has characterized her all her life and commitment for Chile is going to assume

Let us remember that the former president said on Monday that “I will not stand for a second term (as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights) for personal reasons. It is time to return to Chile and my family. I ask the States to work together to solve human rights challenges.

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