President of the Lower House admonishes deputy De La Carrera at the start of the special session

A tense moment was lived in the Hall of the Chamber of Deputies, after the president of the front, Vlado Mirosevic (PL), will sanction the independent parliamentarian Gonzalo De La Carreraafter interrupting at the beginning of the special session that was going to analyze the irregularities in the management of Raul Torrealba (exRN) in charge of the municipality of Vitacura.

The controversy was unleashed with the return to the chamber by Mirosevic, whom De La Carrera accused of being late while recording with his cell phone and waiting for him on the front of the room, indicating: “It seems to me the last straw that I am late, President “.

Faced with this, the president of the corporation called him to order. As there was a disregard for said mandate, Mirosevic took a measure not widely used in the Lower House: “Reprimand and censure, deputy. This lack of respect is over. Censorship!”, said the Liberal Party parliamentarian.

By continuing the harassment of the independent, Mirosevic took the measure of deprivation of the use of the floor.

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