President of the Health Commission of the Lower House summons Minister Yarza: “You must quickly rectify your path”

The president of the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, Thomas Lagomarsino (IND-Radical), summoned the Minister of Health, Maria Begona Yarzanoting that there is “a crisis” in the portfolio and urging the Secretary of State to “quickly rectify her path.”

“There is an absence and a tremendous crisis in the Ministry of Health,” said Lagomarsino. “There is a national crisis of shortages due to different types of medicines, today we are informed that there is a shortage of contrast media in multiple hospitals and clinics in our country, which has led to these supplies having to be prioritized for the use of emergencies,” he said.

“We have a healthcare network that is heavily hit by the winter wave, respiratory viruses at this time of year and that the minister was warned at the time that she should have prepared herself and did not,” added the legislator.

Restorative rest law

The Chamber of Deputies approved this week the bill that seeks to grant a reparatory break to private sector health personnel for their work during the pandemic. However, the deputy revealed difficulties in the measure.

“As the icing on the cake, yesterday the reparatory rest project for workers in the private health sector, which had been processed quickly and swiftly by practically transversal support, both in the Health Commission and in the Chamber, was declared inadmissible by the absence of the Executive that had placed urgency and that had compromised its patronage. This is one more from the Ministry of Health”, he pointed out.

Case of the Psychiatric Hospital of El Salvador

The deputy also addressed the case of the Salvador Psychiatric Hospital located in Valparaíso. The Ministry of Health had filed a complaint against the facility for alleged torture, which the portfolio later rectified, pointing out that said qualification would be inadmissible.

“Here there is a protocol authorized by the Health Service, there was an accompaniment and protection so that the patients did not suffer fractures or bruises. More than denouncing the doctors, professionals and workers who do what they can, she as minister should give them the tools so that they serve with dignity”, said the parliamentarian.

“I hope that, for the good of our country, for the health and future of our patients and to be able to reach the health system that we dream of, the minister must quickly rectify her path,” he said.

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