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President of the Chamber affirms that “spectacle” due to statements by Minister Siches “opaque” the debate on violence in the south

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Minister Izkia Siches had an intervention in the Chamber of Deputies that sparked criticism within the opposition benches. “In the last four years, it seems that some have forgotten, hit their heads, or it really seems that everything started from scratch, but there were four years that from 400 violent events, they reached more than 1,700”, indicated the Secretary of State, before the vote in Congress on a new request for an extension to the State of Emergency Constitutional Exception (EECE) that governs the south of the country.

After the statements of the head of the Interior and Public Security, the opposition parliamentarians left the room for a few minutes, but finally returned and approved the government’s request. In any case, the words of the chief of staff provoked apologies from the UDI and RN bloc, while the Republican Party requested her resignation.

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Affirming that it was a true “public spectacle”, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Raúl Soto, addressed the issue and maintained that “regarding the substance, I agree with it, that security problems have indeed been dragging on years ago and now we are at a peak moment”. Although, in his opinion, “perhaps the form was not the most appropriate and that generated a reaction from the other side.” in conversation with meganewsdeputy Soto ruled that this “is not what we want” and therefore warned that “on both sides we must take care of the public debate, we must lower a change.”

“Let’s not polarize this country any more, let’s try to contribute to dialogue, differences must be respected, but they must be raised with respect, because people also see what we do and that affects the climate outside,” said the parliamentarian of the PPD for whom “the side and side public spectacle” is unfortunate; because this controversy “what it does is overshadow the fundamental debate that was how we from the State confront the problem of violence in the Southern Macrozone with the extension of the state of emergency.”

The president of the Lower House declared that “for small political fights we cannot put people’s safety at risk, the bottom line was being lost.” For the same reason, he acknowledged that he spoke with the head of the Interior in the room and told her that they were “at risk” that the project would fall. Finally, as he specified, “it is the minister herself, who in a very good way, requests the floor to ask for retraction and the apologies of the case, beyond the controversy, because that meant that the project was going to be approved and we were going to deliver this tool to the people of the South Macrozone. Then she asks for the floor, retracts, apologizes, and beyond what each one thinks, I think she does it in a very good way and that ends with a round of applause from all sectors I think the minister deserves all the recognition and support for that.”

“I don’t think this is something that any sector should take advantage of to take political advantage to harm the government,” he concluded.

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