President of Telesur: Media with antagonistic positions are losing credibility

President of Telesur: Media with antagonistic positions are losing credibility

This was announced by the president of Telesur, Patricia Villegas, who expressed that there are surveys on the media in Latin America that indicate that the media that assume more antagonistic positions, for example, El Clarín from Argentina or Semana in Colombia They are losing credibility.

In the Yellow House, in the tower of the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Relations, located in Caracas, the first meeting “New Times of ALBA Digital Communication” was held this Tuesday, with the participation of 13 countries.

Villegas continued explaining that “these media position their very high capacity for generating opinion, because they work together on the same basis, which no longer corresponds to the media, but to the spokespersons who have credibility and are responsible for reproducing the message that contributes to the Polarization”.

Likewise, the president of Telesur pointed out that it is necessary to bet on extracting from all those messages that they position in Social Networks, to differentiate the contents and continue working in traditional media to understand which is more important or which has greater impact.

“We are going through a moment of great transformations in its audiences and consumption: this is happening in Latin America,” he said.

Finally, he considered that the entire communication effort through social networks should not be focused on just one, since their owners discretionally manage their platforms and take the risk of being invisible and disappearing from them.

For his part, the writer Luis Brito García, pointed out that in this contemporary communication era there is a marked stalking against nations, which, like Venezuela, have high reserves of fossil energy.

“For these reasons many wars have been formed. Venezuela was blocked, like Iraq, before the invasion by the United States and now they intend to block Russia. Recently, a US delegation came to meet with the President of the Republic and discuss the oil issue: the need for fuel is imminent », he stated.

He stressed, to end his speech, that the role of communication is important to keep the population informed and not be manipulated by content or messages on social networks that go against the Bolivarian government.



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