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President of Funai elects urgent measures for Yanomami land

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President of Funai elects urgent measures for Yanomami land

Territorial protection and removal of prospectors, in addition to the correct application of resources. These are urgent measures that must be taken in the Yanomami Territory, according to the assessment of the president of the National Foundation for Indigenous Peoples (Funai), Joenia Wapichana.

This Wednesday (29) she was at the Senate commission created to monitor actions in the region. Joenia Wapichana pointed to the increase in invasions and mining areas and the breakdown of indigenous health care, in addition to the lack of policies to protect these peoples, as the causes of an announced tragedy. She talked about what must be done.

“[É preciso] overcome this scenario, deforestation, destruction of ecosystems, contamination of soil, water, silting up of rivers, decrease in fish population, contamination of fish by mercury, reduction of the garden”, he highlighted.

Temporary committee of the Yanomami hears representatives of the federal government – Lula Marques/Agência Brasil

This, according to her, is talking about the environmental issue. On the health side, the concern is with the increase in infectious and contagious diseases and mercury contamination, the breakdown of communities and drug trafficking.

On the part of law enforcement, the gold trail needs to be reviewed. According to her, putting an end to good faith, the possibility of buying gold without a certificate of origin.

Representative of the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples, Marcos Kaigang said that the department is working together with other areas to put together a joint action plan but that the main thing, one of the things that should be the focus, is the increase in the number of employees in the region, of civil servants Funai, the health team and more budget for actions in the region.

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