President of Evópoli, enthusiastic about the government’s security plan: “It is what is needed”

The Minister of the Interior, Carolina Toha, met on Monday with the leaders of opposition parties to advance a security agreement. One day after the appointment, the president of Evópoli, Gloria HuttHe commented that the government’s plan is “well planned” and “is what is needed.”

“Yesterday’s meeting was good. The minister presented a conceptual map of the proposals and it covers many topics, not only prevention; it also covers legislative issues, changes in laws, legal urgency, investments in technology,” Hutt said in conversation with Radio Cooperative.

“The plan is well planned, it is broad and it is what is needed,” emphasized the former Minister of Transport under the second Government of sebastian pinera.

Even so, Hutt said that they raised “the need to lower that plan, because it is one thing to have a conceptual proposal, another thing is to see how we respond to the citizenry to an issue that is of the greatest importance.”

Government commitments

According to the Evópoli helmsman, the Government promised to put urgency in a series of projects linked to public safety. “She (Tohá) made those commitments. She took, for example, making indications and putting urgency to the critical infrastructure project before the end of November,” she said.

The head of the Interior also promised to “input indications for the project of an intelligence system and give it urgency before December,” said Hutt.

“In the project to increase penalties, which was one of the requests we made, she promised that by the end of November, the two senators she commissioned to reach an agreement, García and Quintana, would deliver that agreement to her so she could move forward,” he added.

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