President of EsSalud admits medicine shortages and blames previous efforts

President of EsSalud admits medicine shortages and blames previous efforts

The president of EsSalud, Alegre Raúl Fonseca, admitted this Wednesday that there is a shortage of medicines in the Social Health Security and asserted that in the previous administration the respective purchases were not made.

We have a drug shortage problem, not only drugs but also human resources”, he stated in RPP when asked about this inconvenience denounced by users of the Padomi (Home Care Program).

Regarding medicines, he said that his sector is seeking to distribute medicines on loan from the Ministry of Health because “we are out of stock”. And regarding the human resources deficit, he mentioned that they will make a call in May to cover that gap.

Regarding the reasons for this shortage, he replied: “There has been a space where it has not been acquired, and well, I am about to complete a month in management and we do not have to look back, but rather solve the problems, since our objectives are the insured and the patients do not have to be harmed by laziness or bad decisions that one can make”.

As he said, Padomi patients will be able to receive their medicines “gradually”.

“We are getting some medicines and I think in the next 15 days we should have the best solutions”, he pointed out.

The data

Alegre Raúl Fonseca Espinoza took office on March 14, replacing Gino Dávila Herrera, who was only in office for two months.

Dávila Herrera replaced the questioned Mario Carhuapoma, who did not submit his resignation despite being asked to do so. The latter currently maintains a role of advisor, as reported at the time by the Ministry of Labor.


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