President of Confiep considers it necessary to change the Cabinet of Ministers

The president of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (), Óscar Caipo, considered it necessary for there to be a change in the Ministerial Cabinet of Aníbal Torres, whom he questioned for not having resolved the conflicts and crises in the country.

“We believe that change is necessary because this Government and the Cabinet are not focusing on solving the main problems. We have seen with great concern how a climate of social conflict has been generated at levels that we have not seen in many years, but the most serious thing is that it gives the impression that they let us reach that level “he pointed out in statements to RPP.

The representative of the business association questioned whether the Government allows this due to lack of capacity, because of the crises that they generate within it, or because of the problems caused by the lack of transparency in the Executive.

Pres Confiep
Óscar Caipo questioned the Cabinet of Aníbal Torres. (PRP)

“We have to ask ourselves the question and the population must judge the government for its intentions. What we do not see is that the Government is focused on solving the problems […] we are not seeing that they focus on the main factor for generating well-being, which is employment”he stated.

Caipo pointed out that Pedro Castillo has been unable to have an adequate political reading since he took office, without understanding that no candidate obtained more than 20% in the general elections.

“We have to have the ability to realize if we are facing a government that really intends to meet the main demands of the population or is really seeking to promote a political project that is the Constituent Assembly that the population has to analyze that it is not going to to solve the problems”commented the businessman.


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