El presidente cubano Miguel Díaz-Canel (i) y su homólogo de Belarús, Alexander Lukashenko, intercambian la Declaración Conjunta firmada por ambos mandatarios tras el encuentro sostenido en Minsk el miércoles 23 de octubre de 2019. Foto: @PresidenciaCuba / Twitter.

President of Belarus calls to buy medicines from Cuba and India in the face of US refusal

the president of BelarusAlexander Lukashenko, called to buy medicines from Cuba and India, if the United States does not sell them to his country as a result of the ukrainian warin which Minks is aligned with Moscow.

In a meeting with the Attorney General and the president of the State Security Committee of his country, Lukashenko “directed the diversification of drug supplies so as not to allow their lack in the national market,” according to an office from Latin Press (PL)which quotes the news agency Belta.

“If the Americans don’t sell you the medicines, buy them in India, in Cuba,” the president said, according to the report.

«You cannot justify someone not giving something, when something is needed. Drugs and medical items are not under strict sanctions,” she said.

Latin Press recalls that Belarus is subject to economic sanctions by the United States and Europe, for its support for Russia in the Ukrainian conflict, “which have caused restrictions on various products and merchandise.”

The agency points out that “on more than one occasion, the Belarusian president highlighted the development of Cuba’s health system and its achievements in biotechnology that allowed him to develop an indigenous confrontation plan against COVID-19.”

In addition, he adds that last year, at the closing of the VI Popular Assembly, “Lukashenko referred to the progress made by the island in the production of vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.” Just last February the Cuban ambassador in Belarus presented the three anticovid vaccines developed on the island, in a meeting at the Center for Medical Examinations and Expertise (CEPM) of the European country.

Cuba and Belarus recently celebrated their three decades of diplomatic relations. Havana and Minsk established diplomatic ties on April 16, 1992 and “are currently experiencing a period of revitalization,” according to another recent report from PL.

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