President Nicolás Maduro instructs to maintain permanent combat against TANCOL groups

President Nicolás Maduro instructs to maintain permanent combat against TANCOL groups

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, expressed this Wednesday that the greatest achievement of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) is to maintain the sovereignty, peace and territorial integrity of the country and instructed to maintain the permanent combat against the Colombian Armed Terrorist Drug Trafficking Groups (TANCOL).

This was expressed by the commander-in-chief of the FANB, during the Presidential Salutation to the members of the components of the FANB: “The greatest achievement we have had is to maintain the strategic initiative and the permanent deployment of our Force in the defense of the sovereignty, peace and territorial integrity of the country.

“It has been a complex year and a lot of effort, where the Bolivarian National Armed Forces once again ratified its role, as the backbone of peace in Venezuela,” said the president.

During the act, he assessed the results in the fight against the TANCOL and Venezuelan groups, where 10 operations were carried out that included 99 deployments in the states of Zulia, Táchira, Apure, Amazonas, Bolívar, Delta Amacuro, Monagas, Sucre and Falcón. That is why he instructed permanent combat.

The operations deployed by the FANB are:

  • Cacique Manaure: This operation was carried out in Falcón, a total success that is activated 24 hours a day.
  • Catatumbo Lightning: It was developed in Zulia state to combat criminal gangs.
  • Cacique Murachí: It was developed in the Táchira state, to protect the tachirenses from the terrorist groups that come from Colombia.
  • Vuelvan Caras: This operation takes place in the states of Apure, Barinas, and Guárico, against criminal gangs.
  • Autana: Operation carried out in the state of Amazonas.
  • Roraima 2022: It is the operation that takes place in the Bolívar state, against illegal mining. In this sense, the president urged to increase efforts in defense of nature, jungle, rivers and ecological system, in the presence of criminal gangs dedicated to the destruction of the environment “we are going to deepen Operation Roraima in defense of the environment.”
  • Guará: It was developed in Delta Amacuro.
  • Cayaurima: It is the FANB operation in Sucre
  • Paramaconi: In the Orinoco Oil Belt.
  • In the Caribbean Sea and on the permanent Atlantic coast, other military operations.

Likewise, the president recognized the role of the FANB, in the formation of the Military Community Brigades for Health and Education (Bricomiles).

In this sense, he expressed: “I want to thank the effort of the commanders of the Integral Defense Regions, the Integral Defense Zones, of all the forces, battalions and military units, for the loving, disciplined, dedicated and successful work they have done. , with the Bricomiles of Education and Health, I thank you on behalf of the people”.

Regarding the Bolivarian Militia, he highlighted the incorporation of 730,000 militiamen and militiamen to the Popular Comprehensive Defense Units.

He recognized the FANB in ​​Las Tejerías and El Castaño, “the humanitarian attention to the rain disaster areas was a complete success thanks to the discipline and capacity for action of the People’s Power and the Military Power.”


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