President Maduro warned about Pentagon tentacles as a weapon of war

President Maduro warned about Pentagon tentacles as a weapon of war

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, in the sixth edition of his program “With Maduro +”, held at the Miraflores Palace, warned about the tentacles of the Pentagon that have historically acted as a weapon of war in nations of the world .

“No! Venezuela cannot take that path again, never again in life, we have overcome it several times, the attempts to impose hate speech on us, of intolerance (…) led to violence, confrontation”, he illustrated by insisting that ” Venezuela cannot take that path, ever again, we, to impose dog war on Venezuela, that’s what they call it, is a concept that the Pentagon gave to a scheme that is used in many countries”.

The Venezuelan Head of State warned that it is a project of hate that acts so that the groups confront each other, “of one group against another, hatred and intolerance are exacerbated and compatriots of the same country end up facing each other, destroying the country, so that the internal saviors come to intervene, to protect, to command”.

“Let’s never let them apply it to us again. It is an alert that I make”, he pointed out when assessing that in the face of these warmongering attempts, “one of the greatest vaccines we have is to sow values, love, reflection, capacity for feeling and spirituality, it is culture, theater”, he added to the highlight the valuable results of the International Progressive Theater Festival that took place in the country from June 8 to 18.

The national President asked, by way of reflection: “Could a world of hate make us happier? Of intolerance? Where would it lead us? Towards violence, towards confrontation, towards unhappiness, towards the world of bitterness, intolerance, of hatred”, the Venezuelan Dignitary sentenced.

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