President: Iván Duque plans attacks against Venezuelan security forces

President: Iván Duque plans attacks against Venezuelan security forces

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, denounced Iván Duque for organizing plans to attack and kill Venezuelan police and military personnel.

This Saturday, during the second plenary session of the V Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and the IV Youth Congress of the party, the head of state warned about the destabilizing plans, which, according to what he assured, are aimed at lowering morale to officials.

“Iván Duque leaves the presidency on August 7, he is angry and desperate, and he organizes plans to attack and kill police officers,” he stressed.

“Iván Duque has activated plans with criminals and gangs by state, introducing infiltrators along the border, the trails, groups of mafiosi, criminals who come to attack the police and military in the first place, attack the public force,” he said.

«So I denounce it. We are behind those plans with strategic intelligence, police intelligence and popular intelligence.” Their objective is to attack and kill policemen, as Pablo Escobar did,” he warned.

He explained that this plan first seeks to kill police officers, and then go to the military barracks.

In this sense, he asked governors and mayors, as well as the PSUV bases, to neutralize “the plan of violence that comes from the narco-government of Colombia.”

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