STF minister orders deputy to wear anklets again

President grants pardon to federal deputy Daniel Silveira

President Jair Bolsonaro signed this Thursday (21) a decree granting a pardon to federal deputy Daniel Silveira (PTB-RJ), doomed by the Federal Supreme Court (STJ) to eight years and nine months in prison for the crimes of attempting to prevent the free exercise of powers and coercion in the course of the process.President grants pardon to federal deputy Daniel Silveira

The announcement of the pardon was made by Bolsonaro through live on the social networks. The decree was published shortly after the broadcast, in an extra edition of Official Diary of the Union.

When reading the document, the president cites considerations such as “the presidential prerogative to grant individual pardons is a fundamental measure for the maintenance of the democratic rule of law” and that “freedom of expression is an essential pillar of society in all its manifestations”.

“Constitutional grace is granted to Daniel Lúcio da Silveira, a federal deputy sentenced by the Federal Supreme Court on April 20, 2022 under Criminal Action No. while reading the text.

“The grace referred to in this decree is unconditional and will be granted regardless of the final judgment of the condemning criminal sentence”. According to the president, the pardon includes custodial sentences, fines and restrictive rights.

Shortly afterwards, in his live weekly, Bolsonaro mentioned that the matter is pacified. “It is a right of the President of the Republic to grant the grace and the entire basis of this grace is judged in the jurisprudence of Minister Alexandre de Moraes himself. Therefore, I repeat: the decree is constitutional and will be fulfilled.”


The STF judged the criminal action opened in April last year against Daniel Silveira, who became a defendant and began to respond to criminal proceedings for the accusation of inciting the invasion of the Court and suggesting physical aggression to the ministers of the Supreme Court. The facts took place in 2020 and 2021, through social media. The deputy was arrested, but was released later.

With yesterday’s decision (20), Silveira was also penalized with the loss of his mandate and the suspension of political rights after the end of appeals, which could make the parliamentarian temporarily ineligible. The Court also stipulated a fine of around R$200,000 as part of the conviction.

Matter updated at 19:51 to add information about the president’s weekly live.

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