President Gabriel Boric visits works on Line 2 of the Metro: “These projects are better quality of life”

The president of the Republic, Gabriel Boricvisited this Friday the expansion works of Line 2 of the Santiago Metro, which will increase its route to the commune of San Bernardo.

The President was in what will be the El Pino station -on the border between the communes of El Bosque and San Bernardo- which will be the terminus of Line 2. The El Bosque, Observatorio and Copa Lo Martínez stations are added to it.

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The head of state highlighted the progress of the works, indicating that “the Metro is dignity” and that it helps the capital residents move within their city. “These projects are a better quality of life,” he specified.

Boric took the opportunity to point out that this extension is a State policy, since his announcement was during the government of Michelle Bachelet in 2014 and its subsequent start of works was under the administration of Sebastian Pinera in 2019.

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Also present at the meeting were the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Munozand the chairman of the Metro board, William Munoz. The latter stated that the new four stations will increase the section of Line 2 by five kilometers, covering the districts of La Cisterna, El Bosque and San Bernardo.

For his part, the head of Transport, Juan Carlos Muñoz, highlighted the reduction in time that this extension will imply, up to almost half of what it currently is.

Such is the case of the El Pino and Los Héroes stations, where today someone can take approximately 41 minutes, with the start-up of the extension of Line 2, this will be reduced by 24 minutes.

It should be noted that the four new stations are underground and are expected to be operational by the end of 2023.

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