President Gabriel Boric sets the salary cap for the second floor of La Moneda at $6 million

President Gabriel Boric sets the salary cap for the second floor of La Moneda at $6 million

The head of advisers on the second floor of La Moneda, Lucía Dammert, is so far the best paid official of all the advisers who serve the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, who gave Dammert a gross remuneration of $5,945,159 .

The leader of the presidential advisory is an expert in public security and has been one of the President’s key advisers during his installation of government and has particularly collaborated with him on international issues. That is why she joined the international tour of Argentina and was in the bilaterals with the President of that country, Alberto Fernández.

Along with Dammert’s salary, this weekend the salaries of the advisors of the different departments of the public sector were published in active transparency, among which are honorary, contract and staff officials.

According Third that reviewed the salaries of the officials of the different public departments, warns of a drop with respect to the remunerations that were paid in the government of Sebastián Piñera.

As stated by said media, before assuming the new mandate, a minute was disseminated among his future collaborators, in which “rules of austerity, probity and transparency for the hiring of fee-based personnel” were established.

The explanation in the payroll was that this is the “first step within the more global commitment that we assume to design and implement a remuneration system within the State Administration that allows reducing the current gaps, establishing limits to high incomes”.

In this way, it was proposed that honorary officials could not exceed 50% or 65% -depending on the curriculum- of the salary of the undersecretary of the respective portfolio.

Although Dammert appears with almost $6 million in salary, Sebastián Piñera’s former head of advisers on the second floor, Cristián Larroulet, had a salary of $7 million for said performance. Also in the aforementioned presidential floor, Carlos Durán is paid $5,459,840 as a commitment follow-up analyst; $4,140,000 to Carlos Figueroa for the same role; $5,450,000 to Diego Pardow and $4,284,358 to the communications advisor, Felipe Valenzuela.

The same decline occurs in the case of President Boric’s chief of staff, Matías Meza-Lopehandía, who appears with $5,366,013 gross in fees, where his counterpart in the Piñera government, Magdalena Díaz, earned $6 million.

Meanwhile, Boric’s press officer, Tatiana Klima, who appears with a salary of $3,758,954, while the person who held that position in the previous government, Carla Munizaga, was paid $6 million for it.

It should be noted that in the case of fees, the amount published in transparency corresponds to the total monthly figure. That is, the remuneration of the fee contract divided by the total number of months to which the agreement corresponds. This was established in the Transparency Law and agreed in an instruction by the Council for Transparency.



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