President Gabriel Boric greets the PC in its 110 years: “During these months of work, I have been able to see the daily effort (…) of the militants”

The Communist Party of Chile (PC) celebrated this Sunday 110 years of history with the traditional ceremony with its militants, who after two years via telematics due to the Covid-19 pandemic, returned to face-to-face at the Caupolicán Theater.

In the instance, communist militants, ministers of the party that are in the Government of the President Gabriel Boricin addition to representatives of the I Approve Dignity and Democratic Socialism pacts.

As stated Third, the president of the PC, William Teillierread a letter sent by the President for the anniversary of the store, since he could not attend the event due to agenda issues.

“They have been great allies and will continue to be, I have no doubts”

“Today marks 110 years since Luis Emilio Recabarren founded the Partido Obrero Socialista, an organization that a few years later would become the Communist Party of Chile”, began the letter from the President of the Republic.

Boric continued to highlight the figure of the founder of the PC and how the party became a key in the history of the Chilean popular movement. “It was not an accident and less the idea of ​​a single individual. It was the expression of continuity of a movement that, little by little, was unifying workers around the idea that only organized is it possible to change living conditions and fight against exploitation,” he said.

He also highlighted the work that PC militants have done in his government. “During these few months of working in the government, I have been able to see in the daily work the collective sense, the loyalty, the clarity and the determination with which the militants of the Communist Party work every day,” he pointed out.

“They have been great allies and will continue to be, I have no doubts,” he added.

Finally, in the letter, the President stated that “today, the task is to lay the foundations for the deployment of a new social pact, where the center is in the dignity of the people and not in the profit of a few. It is a reason for satisfaction and trust knowing that we march together in this immense task”.

“I send you a big hug, my wishes for a long life and my deep admiration for your long and centenary path of struggle. A hug, daughters and sons of Chile,” concludes the letter from President Gabriel Boric.

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