President Gabriel Boric for the election of the next National Prosecutor: he points out that we must “work together” to “resolve it as soon as possible”

In the midst of the uncertainty surrounding the election of the next national prosecutor, where various “uncomfortable” data have been released from some candidates for the position to replace Jorge Abbott, the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, addressed the situation.

This, after the Supreme Court defined five candidates, who must be voted on by the Senate. However, the lawyer Rodrigo Ríos lowered his candidacy for personal reasons.

It is in this line that the President stated that “there is no veto of any candidate by our Government. We are carrying out an evaluation and conversation with senators because this requires a broad agreement of 2/3 and, therefore, we do not It’s something that the government can impose.”

After the accusations of opposition senators, who accused the government of wanting to make the pool of applicants fail, the head of state emphasized that “it is not in our objective to make the pool fail.”

“We respect the powers that the Supreme Court has and therefore we are going to present an option to the Senate and we are trying and working with the senators to build consensus, because we know that no one has the possibility nor is it desirable that in a subject as sensitive as the National Prosecutor’s Office, which is in charge of prosecuting crime in our country, someone tries to prevail over another,” he added.

In this sense, the President concluded that “this is a country issue, it is not a sector issue, it is not a batch issue, but we have to work together, so we are working from that perspective. I understand that there are eight days left I hope it gets resolved soon.”

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