President Gabriel Boric appoints María Soledad Melo to join the Supreme Court

The President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, appointed the Minister of the Court of Appeals of Santiago, María Soledad Melo, as his candidate to join the Supreme Court. This is the first appointment of the President in the highest court.

As reported Thirdthe decree was signed by the head of state and is expected to be notified tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28, in the Senate.

Melo seeks to keep the quota left by former minister Rosa Egnem, who retired from the Judiciary in March of this year. In fact, the minister has conformed the quinas that the plenary session of the Supreme Court elaborates on different occasions.

It should be noted that in January of this year, the Senate decided to appoint Diego Simpértigue and María Cristina Gajardo as ministers of the Supreme Court, who were appointed by Sebastián Piñera.

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