President Cortizo delivers an order to proceed for Escuela República de Venezuela and Comercial Bolívar.

Angel Valdes | January 25, 2023

This Wednesday, January 25, the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, delivered the order to proceed for the construction of the Escuela República de Venezuela and the Instituto Bolívar, which are scheduled to be completed in September 2024. This project has an investment of 19.1 million balboas.

The new facilities of the Escuela República de Venezuela will have 28 theoretical classrooms, six laboratories, a library, a maximum classroom and a sports area.

While the Bolívar Commercial Institute, which occupies another part of the building, will have 24 theoretical classrooms, eight for each level, 16 laboratories, a library, a maximum classroom, in addition to other facilities contemplated, in the same way, in the general basic school.

The construction project includes the demolition of the current structures and the construction of an administration area, another for two classrooms for kindergarten and four for preschool, as well as three floors.

The campuses will have administrative offices, laboratories, a teachers’ room, a dining room, elevators, a library, an infirmary, a psycho-pedagogical office, sports areas, theoretical, support and preschool classrooms.

This project will benefit around 2,000 students.

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