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President Cortizo asks employers and workers to agree on the issue of the IVM of the CSS

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The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, told the media during a discussion that the issue of the Disability, Old Age and Death (IVM) program of the Social Security Fund is a matter of great importance for the country.

The president stressed that they are waiting for the dialogue table to return and for the employers and workers to agree and present the best options to the Board of Directors of this entity, but not to say that the Government will make a decision, because it is necessary to respect the rules.

Cortizo Cohen stressed that during his four years in office he has used a system of dialogue, listening, and that it has given positive results.

The Chief Executive, during the conversation with the journalists in the Community Work Tour 137 in the Capital City, with 647 activities in 46 months, also referred to the environmental situation.

He stressed that there is concern regarding drought and food production, but water for human consumption and use of the canal must also be taken into account.

“We have had a severe drought, it has been raining throughout the country, but it is not enough, there is a lot of water to cover our needs,” said Cortizo Cohen.

He indicated that the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Mida) already has a contingency plan that is being executed, especially with the drilling of water wells and the concentrate delivery program.

He indicated that there is already an emergency plan, but no measure that could be taken in the Cabinet Council is ruled out.

He also warned that there is a high possibility that the El Niño phenomenon will occur and that it will extend until the beginning of the dry season of 2024, for which reason it is necessary to prepare and in this regard, IDAAN has acquired some drilling rigs and new tanks. cisterns.

Regarding the loss of new drugs in the Social Security Fund, he indicated that there is a lack of control in inventories.

He pointed out that the investigations have to be very rigorous and have to reach the last consequences in both cases.

The president also addressed the issue of migrants and the dangers of river flooding, as well as their health situation, the latest evaluations of which were very positive.

“My energy is the faith that I have,” said Cortizo Cohen, referring to his health situation.

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