President Boric says that pardons were “a compromise” and responds to the opposition: “We will implement the security agenda with all those who want to join”

President gabriel boric On Friday afternoon, he addressed the pardons that he granted to 13 people – 12 convicted in the context of acts of violence of the social outbreak, and the ex-frontist Jorge Mateluna–. In this regard, he expressed that they were a “commitment” and responded to criticism from the opposition, who indefinitely got off the security table coordinated by the Government.

“It was a very thoughtful decision, something that is not surprising, a commitment, I fulfill my commitments (…). It is a difficult decision, but I do it thinking about the good of the country, I think we have to heal these wounds, Here we live a process that was tremendously complex. These are young people who are not criminals,” Boric said in conversation with the press.

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On the criticism of Chile Vamos and his decision to get off the security table, the President said: “What I ask of the opposition is that, on issues such as how we deal with crime in our country, we put people ahead of any political disputes we may have.

“We were very close to reaching a very important agreement on security. We are going to implement the security agenda with all those who want to join,” he continued.

In turn, he detailed his government’s security measures. “We have presented the first Plan against Organized Crime, we have increased the resources for the Carabineros and the PDI, we have worked permanently to recover the police force.”

Regarding the decision of Renovación Nacional (RN) to promote a constitutional accusation against the Minister of Justice, Marcela Riosthe President said: “If they consider that the Constitution has been violated, they have the legitimate right to raise it and we will defend our position as a Government in the corresponding instance.”

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