President Boric indicates that TPP11 “we should have discussed it a long time ago” and points out that “when you govern, you have to make decisions with greater clarity”

Within the framework of his participation in the forum “The social challenge of Latin America” ​​organized by the newspaper El País, the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, referred to the current economic situation of the country and addressed the “mistakes” of his first six months in La Moneda.

In this sense, the President declared that his first mistake was the impasse that occurred with John Kerry, the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, at the IX Summit of the Americas in June.

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Likewise, he indicated that “on the TPP11, which is a difficult debate for the coalitions that support the Government, we should have discussed that a long time ago. And we have been successively postponing the discussion.”

It should be remembered that from the Approve Dignity benches they postponed the discussion of the treaty -scheduled for last Wednesday- by requesting a “second discussion”, so that the vote will be resumed in the coming weeks by the Senate.

Given this, the head of state pointed out that “now a week has been postponed so that there is more discussion, and we are in a strategy, which I consider correct and which I claim, of asking the signatory countries of the TPP11 to have lateral faces to exclude the Chapter 9 in particular, which is the dispute settlement, in order to have more autonomy on the part of the States”.

“But I think that ‘we see it tomorrow’ is a mistake and, in politics, and when you govern, you have to be able to make decisions with greater clarity and not speak mainly through phrases but through actions. I think that , in these six months it has been a very important learning”, he concluded.

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