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President Boric highlights the social role in the Citizen Participation Account: “Politics is not only what is done in parliament, it is also what is done in the neighborhoods”

During this Saturday, the 2022 Citizen Participation Account in Public Management was held at Parque de la Quinta Normal, in the Metropolitan region, which was attended by various State authorities, including the President of the Republic, gabriel boric.

The ceremony described the actions carried out by the different State agencies during the year 2022 in matters of participation and that must be carried out each year to comply with Law 20,500 on participation in public management.

“Democracy is giving up power”

In this context, the President, at the beginning of his speech, highlighted what the estates have done to comply with Law 20,500, highlighting the figures of the government spokesperson minister, camila vallejo and his work in the Segegob, as well as the mayoress of Santiago, Irací Hasslerfor providing greater security and participation in the neighborhoods.

Likewise, he stressed the importance of citizen participation in all aspects and not only focused on one aspect of society. “One of the things that was installed during the dictatorship in our country was the depoliticization of civil society.”

“We believe that what you are doing in your neighborhoods is political. Politics is not only the heritage of what happens in Parliament, currently meetings closed by the new constituent process (…), politics is also what they do in the neighborhoods. The State has the duty to recognize it,” he added.

The Head of State was emphatic in continuing the path to give better public policies, since they want “citizen participation to be the hallmark of our Government.” Likewise, he stressed that the bottom of his political project is to achieve a better democracy, which means “giving power and we, who have it, manage to transfer it to the base communities.”

“We hope that the negotiations advance to reach a constitutional agreement as soon as possible”

The Government Spokesperson Minister (Segegob), Camila Vallejo, also spoke in the 2022 Citizen Participation Account in Public Management, directing her statements to the constitutional agreement that continues to be negotiated in Congress.

The head of the General Secretariat of Government pointed out that the Executive appreciates that the benches and political parties have been able to meet again to resume these talks. She, although she stressed that the Government will only accompany and will not generate further pronouncements in this regard.

“The only thing I hope, and what we hope as a Government, is that the negotiations, after having been resumed yesterday, advance on a good path to reach an agreement, which is what we all hope will be as soon as possible, obviously” .

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