President Boric defends the non-application of the State of Exception in Los Ríos: “It is an exceptional measure, we cannot naturalize it”

President Gabriel Boric defended this Friday the Government’s decision not to apply the State of Exception in the Los Ríos region -which was announced yesterday by the Executive-. In this regard, he said that the measure is of an exceptional nature and that they decided to reinforce security in the area.

“We always have the duty to be evaluating the circumstances in which the different regions are. And that is what we do permanently and, in particular, in the evaluation committee on Thursdays”, said the President.

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“What we have decided is to reinforce security in Los Ríos and we had talks with Carabineros yesterday, with the sectoral ministers so that, in particular, in the areas where we have seen more incidents, in particular in the Máfil commune, we can guarantee security. of the people”, continued the Head of State.

“Let’s not forget its name, the State of Exception, it is an exceptional measure, it is a last ratio. We cannot naturalize it. The role of the military, which is very important, is not to guarantee public order, the military has another role and they are asked to collaborate in specific circumstances,” Boric said.

“I think that if there is one thing that all Chileans have realized, it is that the States of Exception in themselves do not solve the underlying problem. And here we are implementing a plan called Good Living, which precisely seeks to address the deepest causes of the conflict”, he continued.

In turn, he reiterated that they will review the measure “every week, whenever necessary, but this cannot be due to pressure. And there I also call for parliamentarians to act based on an interest that I imagine is common, which is to move towards a solution to the conflict and not continue to polarize it. Nobody wants violence here, let’s not have it between us.”

Let us remember that the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, announced yesterday that the Government will not apply the State of Exception in Los Ríos. The Secretary of State indicated that the number of violent acts in the area “are far” from those that occurred in the regions of La Araucanía and Biobío.

“The number of events that occur in the regions of La Araucanía and Biobío are far from what occurs in the Los Ríos region, the percentages and the relationship of rural violence is an abysmal difference. Along these lines, we believe that there are still We have many measures to take in the Los Ríos region before declaring this State of Exception,” Siches said.

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