Presidente ANPA apoya plan siembra

President ANPA supports sowing plan

The president of the National Association of Agricultural Professionals (ANPA), Daniel Severinogreeted the plan “Sowing RD”which aims to increase food production.

However, he said that the announcement of that plan is a sign that work is not being done in a timely manner to restore food production that the population demands.

He specified that the implementation of bad agricultural policies by the authorities were reported multiple times by ANPA.

He expressed that agri-food production has agricultural professionals as an ally, and that for this plan to be successful, the Government needs agronomists.

He reported that more than 700 professionals have been canceled from the different institutions.

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Mother’s day

President ANPA supports sowing plan

Likewise, the leader of the ANPA, considered it opportune and regarding the celebration of Mother’s Day in the country, the reintegration into their jobs of 70 women agronomistsheads of households, who were sent home, being the breadwinners of their families.

On the other hand, he spoke about the latest decrees issued by the president, and said that they present serious problems since the opinion of the ANPA has not been taken into account.

He stated that Decree 621-21, issued on October 4, day of the agricultural professional, included secretaries and staff without no preparation in the technical area.

In the same way, he cites Decree 181-22, recently issued by the president, this is divided into two parts, the first section pensions 349 technicians, among whom 244 earn more than 50 thousand pesos and they are pensioning him with 35 thousand.

In the second section, 564 technicians had their pension improved with an increase to 35 thousand pesoswho received between 10, 15 and 20 thousand pesos, “but they should not have included 45 professionals who are currently working, earning salaries of 50 thousand and who received a pension of 35 thousand pesos.”

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