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Presidency will have more budget in 2023, pre-election year

Presidency will have more budget in 2023, pre-election year

After the Ministry of Education, the chapter to administer the public debt and Public Health, the Presidency of the Republic is the fourth institution of the Central Government with greater resources assigned in the project of budget national submitted by 2023.

For next year’s fiscal year, the Presidency has been assigned 1.7% of the estimated gross domestic product (GDP), that is, 119,333.5 million pesos, being 33,289.0 million pesos more (38.7%) than what was approved in the budget initial of this 2022.

The representative percentage of GDP is higher than the 0.9% of the same GDP proposed for public investment for 2023, a year prior to the presidential, congressional and municipal elections of 2024. However, in the budget of the entities that depend on the Presidency of the Republic There are expenses for public works such as bridges, access roads and others for social use such as mass transportation infrastructure.


Relative variation of the budget allocated to the Presidency in the project compared to the initial 2022.

With more: the Social Policy Cabinet

By 2023, the government determined that the Social Policy Cabinet execute the largest amount of resources consigned to the Presidency: 65,239.9 million pesos, that is, 54.7%. Of that amount, the largest item (50,944.1 million pesos) will go to the social protection program.

Within said program is the assignment to transfers of “Aliméntate” (component of the “Get over” program) for 30,690.0 million pesos, to support the purchase of food by households.

In addition, it is planned to allocate 7,613.0 million pesos to subsidies for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for homes, 4,535.8 million pesos to the Light Bonus and 683.8 million pesos to LPG for transportation, and 400 million pesos for aid to the elderly. , among others.

28.5% of the rest of the resources assigned to the Presidency of the Republic will be accrued by the Ministry of the Presidency, 14.6% by the Administrative Ministry of the Presidency and 2.3% by the Comptroller General of the Republic, as detailed in the Explanatory Report of the draft budget.

In its session on Tuesday, the Chamber of Deputies sent the project to a bicameral commission, a week after being deposited by the Executive Power, through the Ministry of Finance.

Administrative expenses

Among the expenses detailed in Annex I of the draft budgetto the Administrative Ministry of the Presidency (Mapre), which will have a budget of 17,407,080,325 pesos, funds are consigned whose use includes infrastructure works.

In addition to supervising and coordinating the activities of administrative support to the dispatch of the matters in charge of the Presidency, among the functions of the Mapre is “to develop social and executory programs for Provincial Governments and Civil Society.”

Among the works consigned within the line “Support for provincial development” -of the budget del Mapre-, which has been assigned 2,082.1 million pesos, is the construction of the municipal funeral home of Guaymate, in La Romana, for 3.8 million pesos; from the La Clavelinas baseball field, in Azua, for 2.5 million pesos; and the station of the Fire Department, in the municipality of Barahona, for 13 million pesos.

Other works are the construction of basketball courts, more funeral homes and rehabilitation of clubs. Also, remodeling and construction of baseball fields, multipurpose, community centers, police detachments, home for the elderly and historical spaces.

In addition, reconstruction of roads and beach accesses, bridges, churches, municipal markets and apartments, and remodeling of public offices, among others.

To the Ministry of the Presidency

The 34,001,223,466 pesos proposed for the Ministry of the Presidency (Minpre) – an entity that assists the president in everything delegated to him – includes 900 million pesos for the expansion of the National System of Attention to Emergencies and Security 9-1-1, and 729.1 million for the titling management of State land.

5,008 million pesos are also earmarked for territorial and community development, such as the improvement of the Domingo Savio neighborhood (1,455.3 million pesos) and the construction of Line 2 of the Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo Oeste and Los Alcarrizos cable car (3,395.7 million pesos). of weights). In addition, it is responsible for the construction of spaces for the final disposal of solid waste in Higüey, Verón, Nagua, Samaná, Las Terrenas, Puerto Plata, Haina, La Vega, Tamboril and Moca, for 966.9 million pesos.

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